Quick Messenger has a long record of concern for environmental and other issues regarding sustainable growth.

In the 1980’s we were the first in the Ottawa local courier market to introduce manifest systems that record many deliveries on a single page, thereby reducing greatly the volume of paper generated by our business.

We have operated with a paperless dispatch system for many years, once again reducing the use of paper, with its resultant beneficial environmental impact. Any visitor to our office will notice the absence of the stacks of paper normally seen in a courier office.

Perhaps the greatest contribution has been the use of bicycle couriers in the downtown area instead of cars. Even if the shipment is destined outside the business core, the bicycle courier “hands it off” to a car or van courier to complete the delivery. This is done through our “Hub and spoke” distribution system. By perfecting the efficiencies of this system over the last 20 years, we remain the only local courier company in the region with this type of operation. By using bicycle messengers more, emissions are greatly reduced.

This has allowed us to grow profitably and thereby employ fewer scarce resources in doing so.