Welcome to the FAQ page

Q: Can I place an order online?

A: Yes you can! Call one of our Customer Service Representatives to obtain your login credentials.

Q: Do you offer electronic billing?

A: Yes, invoices can emailed out as a PDF or Excel file.

Q: Do you deliver on holidays and weekends?

A: Yes! We can handle deliveries on weekends, evenings and ALL holidays. Higher rates will apply.

Q: Can I call today for a delivery tomorrow or next week?

A: Yes, you can call us today to schedule a pickup and delivery for tomorrow or for any time in the future or you can enter the pickup and delivery online.

Q: Can you offer e-mail notifications regarding the progress of our deliveries?

A: At your request, we can have our courier system notify you of the progress of all of your deliveries. The system can notify you of any or all of the following events as per your request:
• When order is placed
• When package is picked up
• When package has been delivered along with the recipients name

Q: Can we receive our invoice subtotalled by our reference number?

A: Yes, we realize that you charge your delivery charges to your clients or you may charge different cost centers within your organization.

Q: Can I view my invoice on-line?

A: Yes. Log in to your account and click the Reports Tab and you will see all of your invoices there to save or print out.

Q: Do you deliver outside of Ottawa/Gatineau?

A: Yes we do! We provide direct drive service to all cities and towns In Ontario and Quebec. We also provide service to most cities around the world. Call one of our customer service representatives for a quote.